Uniting Families Affected by Adams-Oliver Syndrome.

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Welcome to AOSupport!

AOSupport is a support group for families affected by Adams-Oliver syndrome. With only a small number of reported cases of Adams-Oliver syndrome, there are a lot more questions than answers for families looking for support. It is our goal to help bring families affected by Adams-Oliver syndrome together and to support one another through sharing stories and experiences. We hope that by making this information available and by sharing these stories with others, we can also help the medical community better understand the various complications that can result from Adams-Oliver syndrome and the treatments and preventive steps that should be taken.

If you or a loved one has Adams-Oliver syndrome we invite you to visit others in the forum to ask questions or share experiences. We also invite you to participate in the Adams-Oliver syndrome registry to help families and the medical community to better understand the effects of Adams-Oliver syndrome.

This website is dedicated to Brenden Pleitez.

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